Aleksi Glick – “World Traveler”




Album Credits

The Trio

Guitar- Aleksi Glick

Bass- Jeff Koch

Drums- Nathan Ellman- Bell

Special Guests

Vocals- Laureana (Tracks 1, 4, 7 and 10)

Sax- Eric Trudel (Track 10)

Keys- Adam Ahuja Tracks (1, 4, 6 and 10)

Recording Credits

Mixed by E Scott Lindner and Eric Trudel

Mastered by David Darlington

Produced by Aleksi Glick, E Scott Lindner, Eric Trudel and Adam Ahuja

Tracks           Duration      Composer


01 She Told Me   4:21        Aleksi Glick

02 His Spirit         4:07       Aleksi Glick

03 A Tune for Vic 4:53       Aleksi Glick

04 Leaving LA     5:12        Aleksi Glick, Madhava Hansen, Chantal Mitvalsky     

05 Guitar and Me   5:16       Aleksi Glick

06 Japanese Garden  6:34     Aleksi Glick

07 Nordic Bossa    4:59     Aleksi Glick

08 Angel From Montgomery  4:33  John Price

09 With Ease    3:29     Aleksi Glick

10 We’re Getting There  5:00    Aleksi Glick, Eric Trudel


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